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Welcome to Clonakilty

Clonakilty is a popular spot for a henparty that don’t want a big city outing, but instead want a smaller town with a more intimate setting.

Saying that there is plenty on offer in Clonakilty for henparties.

Location wise, Clon (as the locals call it) is in West Cork so its good for people from Munster or southern Connacht.

Clonakilty is also a good location from Dublin as with the motorway from Dublin to Cork the journey is very short and easy, Clonakilty isn’t too far afterwards.

Why Clonakilty

There is an old world feel about the town with its pretty buildings dotted along its narrow streets, and it’s a popular spot for tourists. But don’t let that put you off. That just means there are plenty of pubs!

There are some stunning beaches near the town for those going in the summer. Inchydoney being one of the best in Cork so bring your togs.

Festivals, festivals - Country & Bluegrass (end August) and West Cork Festival (end June).

In terms of activities there are plenty of offer – all the usual outdoorsy and water options. Plenty to chose from so have a good look around - fabulous walks, sailing and fishing

Michael Collins himself was born in Woodfield near Clonakilty so if history is your thing, enjoy a guided Michael Collins tour around town.

You can even go whale watching in Clonakilty

In terms of restaurants there is really good food to be found in the town. Clonakilty prides itself on its gourmet restaurants. Most are hen friendly and delighted to welcome you and your friends.

Likewise pubs – there is a great choice as Clonakilty relies so heavily on the tourist industry. This of course is perfect for a henparty that wants to try them all!

No matter what kind of accomodation you are looking for you will find it. There are plenty of self catering options both in around the town and just outside. There are also several hotels and plenty of guesthouses.

Nightclubs in Clonakilty are great fun. For the size of the town there are plenty of options and they are generally hen friendly.

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