Classic Games


Some games are just timeless and guaranteed to get everyone laughing and enjoying the day.                
Check out some of our favourites below! 

A good game of twister will have the Hen-Partiers in hysterics. Get a game in any toy store, or on ebay to save some money. 

Board Games
Bring Pictionary to a self catering hen party and pass an afternoon laughing. Trivial Pursuit with prizes will suit the competitive Hen-Partiers and Scrabble, often overlooked, can be modified to include ex-boyfriends for extra points.

Home karaoke kits are a ticket for a self catering Hen Party. If you don’t own a games console just borrow one and rent the Karaoke game from any video shop.

Borrow or buy a set of boules.Each team gets two metal balls, someone throws a separate smaller ball a short distance away. Then each team gets a chance to throw their ball (boule) at the smaller ball (the jack). Hysterical for the competitive gang!

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