The Hen Book

the hen book

The Hen Party Memory Book is not an option for a hen party - it’s a must. Its easy, inexpensive and yet its something the bride will have for the rest of her life. The Memory Book is a collection of memories, photos, thoughts and wishes given to the bride on the night of her hen. All the guests contribute by writing short notes, stories, memories and digging out old photos of the bride/hen.

The ‘Book’ itself

There are purpose made note books on the market today specifically for this, but a nice hardback notebook is just as effective. A4 size is probably the best. The outside can be decorated with the Hen’s name or a picture to make it personal. A4 size photo albums are can also be used and come with colourful covers and sturdy binding,

The Messages

Contact all the guests in advance of the hen night and ask them to write a note to the bride or a memory of her. It can be anything. Handwritten is more personal than typing but for those that aren’t able to make the night simply ask them to e-mail or post their note so it is still included.


Also ask the guests if they have any photos of the bride over the years. Dig some out yourself. Not only are they a nice trip down memory lane, they are also a means of filling the book and spreading out the messages.

Putting the Memory Book together

The book  can easily be assembled on the evening of the hen party. The notebook can be prepared in advance with the Hen’s name and date already written on the inside cover. The names of the guests coming and the location can also be added in advance. As the guests arrive, discretely take their entries from them. It is then simply a matter of gluing them into the notebook, spreading the messages out with the photos. It is also a nice idea to write a note beside each photo giving the name of who provided it.

Presenting to the Hen

Before the night gets crazy and wild its nice to present the book. It can be given to the bride either before the meal, maybe while everyone is having a quiet drink, or at the meal itself before too much wine has been opened! Its nice for the bride to have a quick flick through and some brides have been known to shed a tear at the table.
Ladies, Make your own professional style wedding album or photo book with your own words and photos.

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