Pimp Your Prosecco


Looking for that final touch to the hen party? Why not set up a Pimp Your Prosecco table? Allow guests to create their own tasty drink and celebrate in style.
This addition is perfect for any at home hen party. Designate a corner where you can set up the table and get decorating! Here are some great ideas we think will look amazing!
  1. Make a home made sign called "Prosecco Bar" to place on the table. This can be created with a chalk board or even using some cardboard.
  2. Decorate the area with a pretty table cloth and some accessories like our cute floral bunting and flags you can find here.
  3. Lay out some fruit in separate bowls such as strawberries, lemon, lime and raspberries. Guests can choose their favourite fruit and add it to their tasty Prosecco. Lay out some mixer options also such as Elder flower cordial or ginger beer.
  4. A nice idea would be to print off some recipes for the guests to follow. This will en sure that no drink gets spoilt with too much or too little of something. You want to keep the hens happy after all!
So if you are planning a hen party soon, try out this great idea that guests are sure to love.

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