Honeymoon Party


Having a honeymoon party is becoming a firm favourite with brides these days.
Back in the day it was the Kitchen party, now the Honeymoon party is becoming more and more popular 
These parties are traditionally held in the maid of honours house or an aunts house in the evening. The list of guests includes the hen herself, her mother, aunts, friends, granny's...any close female relations or friends. Light refreshements are usually served
Everyone coming to the honeymoon party is asked to bring a gift for the bride/ hen for her honey moon. You can put a price limit on it if you don't want people to spend to much. 
Ask the hen to sit in the middle of the floor and blindfold her. She has to open all her honey moon present and guess what they are while she is opening them. Funny phrases are written down and read back to the group afterwards e.g 'It's huge', 'feels funny' etc. ;0)
A honeymoon party is a lovely relaxed way to have a special evening for the hen and invite older relatives. It can be used instead of a hen party or as well as a hen party. 
How about a personalised thong for the bride to give her a giggle and to put in her bottom drawer for her honeymoon!
Getting something like 'Mrs X to Be' in a nice pink script, or whatever you like.
We have a huge selection of gifts for honeymoon parties. From just married flip flops to personalised bikinis. Check out our Honeymoon Gifts in our online store

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