Hen Party Video

Hen Party Video

hen party video

Need a thoughtful idea for the hen party? Why not create a Hen Party Video to make the bride feel extra special? Keep reading to find out how!

What you need:

  • Camera
  • The hens
  • Prepare some fun memories


The aim of this idea is to create a thoughtful video for the bride-to-be to show her on the hen party. This video could be full of great memories, wedding advice and fun quotes. Gather all the hens or meet them individually and start recording. One fab idea would be for each hen to talk about their favourite memory with the bride. The funnier, the better! Maybe you would like to give her some cheeky marriage advice? This is also a great idea if the bride has any family or friends living abroad who cannot make the hen party. They can record a nice message just for her.

Whatever you decide to film, keep it funny. The host can then edit all the footage into one video. These videos can be simply edited on free editor apps that come with most phones and laptops these days.
On the night of the hen party, ask everyone to sit down and get ready to watch! Have a glass of bubbly in hand and get ready to laugh, cry and cringe at all the hilarious stories.

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