Hen Party Goody Bags

hen party goody bag
Treat the girls when they arrive to the hen party with some Hen Party Goody Bags. Include some cute gifts or hangover cures with this thoughtful idea.
Decorative bags would be a fab idea for these goody bags. These can be picked up in most euro shops, supermarkets or gift stores. With these cute goody bags, all the host needs to do is place the items inside. If you would like a more personal touch why not pick up a few plain white or brown bags and decorate them? Choose some fun pictures of the bride and the hens and stick them on the front of each bag. Tie each with a cute pink ribbon or rustic twine. Cute!
What to put inside:
Select a theme for this goody bag. You can pick up some items that will help ease a sore head the morning after, small items to help the hens get ready or a thoughtful gift. To ease the hangover, include some pain killers, mints, plasters, an energy drink and some chocolate. This should help the girls survive for a few hours at least! To help the hens and bride-to-be get ready include some hair pins, lip balm, mini hairspray and maybe even a small bottle of bubbly. Perfect! A thoughtful gift could include a necklace that has each hens initials engraved. This is something special that they could also wear at the wedding and beyond.
So treat the girls to a special bag of goodies to help make the hen party even more fun! This is a fab nice idea that they are sure to appreciate!

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