Couples Recipe

couples recipe

Couples Recipe is a fab hen party idea that the bride-to-be will love! This is a thoughtful idea that she can cherish forever.
What is it:
Couples Recipe is a cute hen party gift that the hens can present to the bride. It is basically a scrapbook filled with 'recipes' on how to keep the love alive in their marriage. The ingredients for each recipe will be advice for the couple rather than actual food. Here is a cute example;
1 tablespoon of quality time
A cup of appreciation
1 1/2 cups of trust
1/2 tablespoon of praise
A dash of humour
Mix all these ingredients together with love. Garnish with hugs and kisses and enjoy! 
What you need:
  • A scrapbook
  • Different colour pens
  • Cut outs from magazines
  • Photos of the hens and bride-to-be
Get all the girls together and start creating this fab gift. Decorate the scrapbook with pictures of all the hens, cut outs of cute images, food and words from magazine and of course the 'love recipes'.
So gift the bride-to-be with this fab scrapbook. She will love all the effort you went to!

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