What Not to Wear to the Wedding!

What Not to Wear to the Wedding!


Ladies...we all know how hard it can be to choose an outfit for even a normal night out, so choosing an outfit for a wedding can be so much harder! We all want to look good but we have to make sure we don’t outshine the bride (it’s her day after all) and we also need to make sure we wear appropriate clothing.
In this piece we’re going to tell you the clothing choices to avoid when it comes to a wedding outfit, and hopefully the information will help you to make that choice a bit easier. Here’s what not to wear to the wedding!

First off we have denim. Whether it’s a jeans to keep the legs warm or a jacket to go with that stylish dress, it’s one to avoid. It may be your go to outfit for both look and comfort, but unfortunately it’s not appropriate for a wedding. *sigh*

2. White/Cream
It’s always a good idea to avoid wearing white or cream even if the bride’s dress isn’t white. It’s the biggest day in the bride’s life so it’s important to make her feel the best she can and to allow her to stand out brightly in a sea of colours and darks.

4. Anything too revealing
Showing some skin is absolutely fine but there’s definitely a limit when it comes to a wedding outfit. Leave the mini skirts and low cut dresses in the wardrobe and maybe swap them for a round neck dress that cuts off around the knee.

5. Holiday clothing
Even if the wedding is somewhere hot like Spain or Portugal, you don’t want to turn up to the wedding looking like you just came off the beach.

6. All black
Wearing black is always the safe option. You know what we mean, ladies! But all black for a wedding isn’t the best idea. Avoid the funeral vibes and throw a splash of colour into the outfit.

7. Distressed clothing
This is another one to leave in the wardrobe. You might rock the ripped jeans look but it’s definitely a style to avoid for a wedding outfit. *another sigh*
And finally one last tip to finish the list off…

8. Follow the dress code
Unless stated on the wedding invitations, the dress code is normally a suit for the men and a dress for the women but that can be a very vague guide. So if the invitation says something along the lines of “black tie dress code” then it can actually help because it narrows down the options on what’s acceptable to wear. If there is a dress code stated then follow it to the best of your ability because the bride and groom have probably thought about it a lot.

We hope this guide helps you to stay within the lines of what’s appropriate and helps you to choose the right outfit for you.