What Age Was The Bride?


What Age Was the Bride, is a brilliant hen party game and perfect for any group, young or old. It’s also super easy to make in advance which is a BIG plus!
Buy a large piece of card and stick 10 photos of the bride on it, this is where talking to the bride’s family is essential to get the best pictures. Try to get funny photos or meaningful ones that the bride will remember being taken. Make sure each of the photos is from a different time in the bride’s life, when she was a baby, small child, teenager etc. Once you have these decorate the card in keeping with the hen party theme for that added touch.
Number each of the photographs and ask all of the girls to guess what age the bride was on a piece of paper. Add up all the scores and the girl with the most right gets a small prize! Keep the prize simple like a small bottle of nail polish or tube of lip gloss. 

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