Truth or Dare

Truth Or Dare

An old classic, truth or dare can be the funniest game of the night. Simply go around the table and everyone asks the bride a really embarrassing question. If she wont answer she must perform one of the dares below: If she wont do the dare she must have a shot of booze!
  • Ask a stranger to buy you a drink
  • Ask a stranger for his autograph
  • Ask a guy for change for the condom machine
  • Shout out loud that you are not wearing any underwear
  • Ask a man in uniform for a kiss
  • Get the phone number of a man whose name begins with a particular letter
  • Do a pre-designed dance every time someone shouts out a certain song title to you (e.g. Riverdance or YMCA)
  • Find and kiss two brothers/cousins
  • Remove an item of underwear without leaving the room 

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