Toilet Paper Lingerie

toilet paper lingerie

Wondering what to play at the hen party? Why not try a fun game of Toilet Paper Lingerie? This hilarious game is so simple and enjoyable to play.
This game is sure to get tons of laughs girls. It is very similar to creating a wedding dress (and masterpiece) out of toilet paper except a bit more fun! Guests are given a roll of toilet paper each and have five minutes to create some 'wedding night' lingerie. Why not create a bustier, garter or a thong. The options are endless ;-)
Once everyone has designed their lingerie, the fashion show takes place. Put on some music and watch as the hens model their beautiful creations. Then it is time to choose a winner. The host must carefully examine the craftsmanship of each piece and pick her favourite. This winner can be gifted with a small prize such as our cola willies or chocolate body paint available in our online store.
Make sure you take lots of photos of the night. The dresses may not last that long but the memories will last forever. A nice idea would be to create a collage of these photos for the bride-to-be to cherish.
So try out this hilarious hen party game girls and get ready for lots of laughs!

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