The Blow Up Man Challenge

the blow up man challenge

Looking for a fun way to liven up the hen party? Check out The Blow Up Man Challenge. The game that will have everyone laughing!
First of all, get yourself a blow up man! We have just the guy for you here in our online store.... The only man that should be allowed at your hen do ;-) Give your new party member a name and blow him up before the festivities begin. Next, you need accessories. Visit our online store for some fun items such as a feather boa, tutu and a sash. If you have any gems in your own wardrobe, feel free to bring them along to the party. Old school skirts, shirts and accessories like necklaces and hats would be perfect!
The aim of this fun game is to dress up your blow up doll with all these accessories as fast as you can. Take turns or work together as a group to cover up your new guest! One hen should keep an eye on the time and give each hen one minute to dress him up. The funnier the outfit, the better. Pop a bottle of champagne, toast the bride-to-be and let the fun begin
Make sure to take a picture of each hen with their blow up doll. Look back on them to pick a winner once everyone has had a turn. You could also reward the winner with a small gift like a box of chocolates or small bottle of bubbly. A fun idea would be to create a collage of all the photos as a gift for the bride-to-be. A fun way to remember the night! ;-)
So visit our online store and play this hilarious game at your next hen party girls!

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