Prosecco Spritzer Pong


Everyone has heard of beer pong, right?! Most of us have played beer bong at some point in our lives! Popular amongst college students, this is the game that would have had you drinking flat beer from plastic cups. Those were the days, right?! Well, not really! They were fun, but you are a bit more glam now! Lets take things up a notch for your best friends hen party! 
Prosecco spritzer pong is a glamorous take on beer pong! Swap that beer for a bubbly prosecco spritzer. Why not trade in those red cups for wine glasses? Or even plastic champagne flutes, if you like a challenge! Get a few bottles of prosecco and combine with your favourite bubbly soft drink to create a spritzer! 

What you need: 

  • 20 glasses of prosecco spritzer
  • A few ping pong balls
  • A large table 

How to play: 

  • Arrange the 20 glasses into two triangle shaped formations of 10 each. 
  • Fill each glass with some bubbly prosecco spritzer. 
  • Make two teams. 
  • Each team must take turns throwing the ping pong ball from the opposite end of the table, trying to get it into one of the glasses. 
  • Each time they succeed, a member of the opposite team must drink the prosecco from that glass! The glass is then removed. 
  • The loosing team is the team with all of their glasses removed first!
So, practise your aim! This game is a party favourite with a classy twist. Everyone will love prosecco spritzer pong. It seems like even if you loose you kind of win?! Right?!
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