Peg 'Em


Our Peg 'Em game is absolutely hilarious and definitely one for a group that aren't shy! This game is so easy to plan and will only cost a few euro for the supplies...perfect!
The Peg 'Em game works particularly well after the group has gained a little dutch courage and are having fun in a bar. The aim of the game is for the ladies to stick a clothes peg on as many people as possible in a time limit. Let all the girls go at once or one at a time that's completely up to you. Just make sure to give all the ladies the same amount of pegs. Only one peg can be 'pegged' on a person at a time, so the more packed the bar is the easier the game will be. Also the cheekier the place that you 'peg' someone the better!
If you want to make the game even funnier try and get the girls to 'peg' people without them realising, you'll all be in stitches!  Definitely a great way to get everyone out of their shells and having some fun.

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