Mr & Mrs Game


The most popular game at Hen partys in Ireland, the Mr and Mrs Quiz will shock the Bride and all her guests! Before the big day ask the Groom to answer the questions attached. At the Hen-Party ask the bride to answer the same questions. If she answers one differently to the Groom she must take a swig of her drink or complete a forfeit. The Hen always thinks she will know all the answers and never does!!! This game is a necessity at a great Hen-Party.
1. What is ‘HIS’ confirmation name?
2. How often does ‘HE’ change his socks?
3. What shirt collar size does ‘HE’ wear?
4. What’s ‘HIS’ favourite movie?
5. What is ‘HER’ worst habit (according to ‘HIM’)?
6. Who does the most cooking in the house?
7. What Female movie/TV star does ‘HE’ fancy?
8. What’s ‘HIS’ favourite cocktail?
9. What position does ‘HE’ play ……on the field?
10. What was the name of ‘HIS’ favourite childhood pet?
11. Which one of ‘HIS’ relatives does ‘SHE’ like least?
12. Which one of ‘HER’ relatives does ‘HE’ like least?
13. What’s ‘HER’ favourite cocktail?
14. What is the name of ‘HER’ first boyfriend?
15. How old was ‘HE’ when he first kissed a girl?
16. What’s ‘HER’ bra size? (no peeking)
17. What’s ‘HIS’ favourite book?
18. What famous movie/TV star does ‘HE’ think he is most like?
19. What is ‘HIS’ favourite lingerie of ‘HER’s?
20. Who will be the most hung over after the wedding?

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