Hidden Mickey's

If the bride to be loves Disney and has a little cheeky side to her then our Hidden Mickey's game is a must for her hen! This game is brilliant if you are having a self catering hen party or are staying in a house. The aim of the game is for the people in the group to find as many Mickey Mouse as possible in a certain time limit.

What You'll Need;

  • Cardboard
  • Markers and whatever other decorations you want.
  • Glass of bubbly or a shot as a prize

How to Play;

  • First you need to create the Mickey Mouse Heads. Simply draw out the Mickey Mouse shape on a piece of card and cute. Trace the piece as many times as you like to make sure they are all the same size. Alternatively print off a Mickey Mouse Picture and stick it to the piece of cardboard. If you want to make this game a little cheekier make a few willy cutouts too.
  • Number each of the cutouts.
  • Once you have all of these made it's time to hide them. Take note of which number is hidden in which place just so you don't loose any! 
  • Once you have them all hidden give the girls a time limit to find all the Mickey's ;)
  • The person that finds the most in the time given gets a shot or glass of bubbly!

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