Drink If....

Drink If

Drink If.... is such a simple yet hilarious hen party game. All you need is the girls, their handbags and a few drinks. Simple right? Keep reading to find out more.
How to play
This game is so easy to play. The aim is to get all the hens and bride-to-be to empty the contents of their bag onto a table. Make a list beforehand of some typical objects you may find in a handbag and assign a drink to each object. Each guest has to drink for each object they have in their bag. Here are some examples:
  • Lipstick - Sambuca shot
  • Chewing gum - Vodka shot
  • Hairbrush - Finish your drink
This game can be hosted in your own home or garden. Decorate a table and area with cute flowers and girly accessories. Then its time to play! This can also be altered to suit non drinking guests. Simply assign points to each item instead of a drink and the guest with the most points get a prize. Either way this game is enjoyable and simple to play.
Don't forget to drink responsibly and have fun!

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