Dress Up The Bride

Dress The Bride

A really fun game to play on the hen party is to dress up the bride.

The dress up the bride game is a brilliant hen party game that is sure to get everyone giggling. Just head down to your local charity shop and pick up the most embarrassing clothes you can find. Then dress the bride to be in them.
80's style wedding dresses, a neon coloured tracksuit or an excessively floral dress are just some of the options out the to make the bride look hilarious! If you really want to go all out embarrassing the bride to be on her last night of freedom, why not complete the look with some crazy coloured eye shadow and rosey cheeks and lips.
We find that this game after works best in the afternoon portion of the hen party or maybe while the group is doing their hen party activity. Just be sure to get A LOT of photos.
The is a hilarious game to play on the hen do, just be sure that the bride to be has a sense of humour!

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