Desperate Housewives


The Desperate Housewives hen party game is so much fun! It is another game that is really easy to organise but all the girls will love it! Definitely one for the ladies that love a good game of charades. 
Desperate Housewives is basically Charades with a celebrity twist. This game takes a little bit of preparation at the start but we promise it won't take long at all. Write down names of as many married celebs as possible on pieces of card.
The game begins with one person, the bride to be, picking up one of the cards and acting out their wife rather than the person on the card! For example if the card said Ryan Gosling you have to act out Blake Lively, if it said Portia De Rossi you'd have to act out Ellen Degeneres and so on!

You can either have the player acting it out to the whole group or make teams. Each of the ladies get a turn in acting out and one point is awarded to the person/team that guess the correct answer. The winner'winners get a prize!

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