Blind Moulding

blind moulding

Looking for a hilarious game to play at the hen party? Why not try the Blind Moulding game and let your creative (and cheeky) side shine through!
This game is simple to set up but may not be so easy to play. However, that is all part of the fun girls ;-) The aim is that each hen gets to mould a rude body part. The tricky bit however is that they will be blindfolded. Que the evil laughs ;-) Supply the hens with lots of clay or play-doh and a blindfold each. Before the game begins the host should make sure that each blindfold is secure and will not fall off. No cheating now girls!
Set a timer for approx five minutes and allow the hens to mould their masterpiece. Get the creative juices flowing while all the guests laugh and giggle their way through the five minutes. When the timer sounds everyone can take off their blindfolds and look at what they have created. This is sure to get a few red cheeks and giggles!
The bride-to-be could then walk around and choose her favourite moulding. Make sure each hen takes a picture with their body part to look back at later. A nice idea would be to combine these pictures into a collage for the bride-to-be to look back on later. What fun memories to cherish!

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