Operation Meltdown

Operation Meltdown


If the bride to be is a thrill seeker and loves a bit of mystery, then she will LOVE out Operation Meltdown activity!

Operation Meltdown is one for all the ladies out there who secretly wish they were more like Lara Croft.

Basically a container of Plutonium has been stolen by an international terrorist gang from a top secret government Secure Storage Facility. The terrorists have brought it to Ireland with the plan of selling it to rogue countries to aid their nuclear weapons programme.

Your group pose as secret agents who must defuse the situation before the terrorists can carry out their plan! You will be briefed on your role and your mission, once you've found all the parts of the code you then go undercover to meet the terrorists!

The team defuse the situation the quickest will be the winners along the with team of assassins with the most kills!

This activity is so much fun for a hen and a great way for all the girls to get to know each other better.

Available as part of our Dublin Hen Package and Cork Hen Package

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