Edinburgh Hen Package


Edinburgh Hen Package

A fantastic city for your Hen Party!!! We have a brilliant package!

We have a fabulous city centre accommodation lined up for your group!

We have arranged an afternoon activity where you can choose from:
  • Cocktail Class: Feel the spirits flash through the glass as you learn to create alcoholic masterpieces.
  • Dance Class: Pick from a range of different styles: Eighties Mania, Glee, Beyoncé and many more.
  • Bubble soccer: Be the girls in a bubble, running into each other at high speeds!
  • Belly Dancing: Learn to make your navel have a life of its own in this fun class.
  • Dreamboys Show: Muscles, baby oil, hot spotlights, it’s a show that needs to be seen.
  • Afternoon Tea: “More tea madam” as you are served by your own butler in the buff!
  • Pizza Making: Spread the love and the sauce among your friends in this great activity
  • Dodgeball: What’s more fun than throwing balls at each other in this classic event
  • Burlesque Class: Oh yes it’s the Patrick Swayze of Dirty Dressups
  • Salsa Dancing: Burn the floor with the steamy routine you can learn here.
  • Poledancing: Why should some girls have all the fun, grab the pole and tame it.
  • Karaoke Booth: Its Edinburgh so sing your heart out and make some memories
  • Pampering Afternoon: If you don’t like the tea idea then why not be pampered by a butler in the buff instead, includes some games
  • Karting: Who says girls can’t drive! Get into these karts and rock around the track
  • Artistic nude study: One male nude model, one hen party, que the hilarity
  • Paintballing: Time to go all Demi Moore and snipe your mates in this great activity

Dinner is in a popular city centre restaurant, with a delicious 3 course meal. Here they will really looking after your group and make the hen feel really special. And they are seriously hen friendly.... 

After dinner there is a shot for everyone in a city centre bar before regrouping for the fun part of the night....

.....leading us onto the nightclub.... you and your group will enjoy free entry into a top Edinburgh nightclub.

Contact us at info@henparty.ie for more info and a full break down of everything included in the package!

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