Brighton Hen Package


Brighton Hen Package......

We have a great value package organised for your hen party in the beautiful Brighton! 

Your accommodation is very city centre, ideal so you can walk to everything!

There is a range of activities you can choose from:
  • Try your hand at a Cocktail Class and create your favourite drinks!
  • Enjoy learning the moves of GLEE, Beyonce, Madonna and tons more with this Dance Class
  • Paint a Nude: we provide the brushes, paper, oh yes and the naked male model
  • Karaoke booth: so you can sing those songs as they were always meant to be heard
  • Pole Dancing: as who doesnt need this important skill in her repertoire
  • Cava Tasting: lots of sparkling wine to try...  whats not to love
  • Cupcake Making: Get together and bake a storm (and the bride gets a pressie)
  • Sexy Salsa Dancing: learn to heat the blood of any red bloodied male in a near radius
  • Dreamboys Show: finely sculpted examples of male masculinity screams guaranteed
  • Pamper Party: get the A+ treatment while being waited on by a butler in the buff
  • Belly Dancing: learn to gyrate those hips like a pro
  • Hair and Makeup Vintage: every girls gets her own style ( and a pic )
  • Wedding Dance: get your own choreographed dance recorded to learn for your big day
  • Face painting: Get out on the town in style as a group with the artists crazy designs
  • Chick Flick MovieNight: Watch it with the girls and get a free cocktail delivered by a topless barman.
  • Coyote Ugly: Get a routine to practise early in the day then perfom it at night in a Brighton bar. Go GIRL!
  • Chocolate Creation: Its rich, dark, sweet, succulent take the class TAKE THE CLASS!
  • Pizza Making: create a mouth-watering meal as you spin the dough with friends
  • Bubble Soccer: No red cards just lots of rolling, bouncing and great laughter
  • Afternoon tea: tea, cakes some sandwiches oh yes and a butler in the buff!

After your activity, we have arranged a 3 course meal in one of the top restaurants in Brighton!

Then its on to your reserved area and a round of drinks with plenty of craic and music in a top Brighton bar that just adore hen groups

Finally when you are ready to boogie we have a reserved area and drinks in Brighton's top night club.....need we say more

Contact us at for more info and a full break down of everything included in the package!

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